Grounded takes off!

First shows in new places always come with a learning curve.  Virginia Stage Company bravely producing George Brant's Grounded was a lovely first splash for me into the Hampton Road's theatre scene.  The Wells Theatre is a Paramount/Majestic style theatre, beautiful carved statuary and elegance all around.  A peak under the hood shows a real down to earth friendliness in it's staff and a lot of sweat and tears over the years. I can't be more thankful of this opportunity, with this glorious script, the amazing Kate MacCluggage, and the uber smart creative team with Laley Lippard directing. By opening night, I'd probably seen the show at least 15 times and Kate simply devastated me. I didn't even know I still had that much more to give around this piece.  If you haven't seen it, go today.  If you can't, then read the script. Laley wisely describes it as the definitive war poem of our time.  I couldn't agree more. Grounded should be taught in civics classes all over the nation.  It should be a part of our reflection as Americans, reflection by us of us, part of how we see ourselves on the world stage and part of how we hold each other up in pride and compassion.

get your tickets!